Lifter of My Head Coaching

​Gigi Hopkins, ACC, CPC​

Lifter of My Head Coaching

PCC - Professional Certified Coach with ICF
CPC - Certified Partner Coach with APSATS
Be Broken Ministries Wives Care Director
Gigi Hopkins

Hello, friend.

I'm grateful our paths crossed. Here is how I serve women as a life coach. I offer coaching for those who have suffered heartbreak in their marriage and desire to move forward in their healing and growth. Holding a sacred space for my clients to process pain, to grow in self-awareness, to seek God's wisdom and take appropriate action is what I get to do. It is amazing what the Holy Spirit does in this space. At times when good possibilities seem scarce, my amazing clients forge new paths and gain new ground. I get to facilitate God's work in their hearts, cheer, and marvel.

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If you find yourself in a dark season in your marriage where your heart and trust have been broken, the road to restoration often seems long and daunting.

It’s empowering to realize that, with good support, you can discover the pace and path to wholeness that works well for you.

Jesus invites you to come to Him when you are weary and promises you rest. Even in the midst of our worst trials there is a sweet spot to be found in your journey with Him.

While you cannot control what others do and circumstances around you, you’ve been given more freedom than you might realize to pursue your own healing. Taking action here will bring good returns to you. It’s a place that only you can own.

There is power and joy when you steward well what is yours to manage... emotions, thought life, physical needs, relationships, etc.

In this personal and intimate space, life coaching can be used to move you from a state of learned helplessness to God-given empowerment.

You can receive support to think through your options and take actions that will keep you moving forward, one step at a time, one moment at a time.

Coaching provides you with a judgement free space to process your heart, receive gentle accountability for your action steps and be encouraged. Helpful tools for self-awareness, clarity and change are provided as needed.
  • "After the betrayal, Gigi walked with me for over a year and a half. She was on my side as my husband did a disclosure and his promise to make amends. I came from a terrified woman filled with shame and fear of the future to knowing I am free in Christ and gathered the tools to work on who He wants me to be. Overtime with Gigi my focus was less on the betrayal and more about aspects of life. I learned how to be more confident in my workplace. We practiced asking for a raise and then asking for a longer period of maternity leave, things I could not have done before. I am stronger and healthier as a whole from this coaching."

    -Client Feedback
  • "Coaching has been a tremendous blessing to my life. We all need someone supportive in our corner, especially during life's trials and transitions. Gigi has not only been the encouraging coach in my corner, but more like an angel on my shoulder, gently whispering truths to help me combat the lies that weigh me down. With careful sensit​ivity, she keeps me in the driving seat and helps enable me to find my own answers and solutions from within myself."

    -Client Feedback
  • "Coaching helped me with my perspective. I was able to look up and out instead of just inside. When you go through a crisis it’s hard to see the forest because of all the trees in the way. It helped me get the big picture."

    -Client Feedback
  • "I’m so thankful to participate in this experience. When I learned about Gigi’s qualifications as a life coach I realized that is something I needed. I didn’t want to sink into the negative aspects of my situation. I wanted to move “above and beyond.” There are a lot of negative materials and websites out there. Coaching helped me see the positives in myself, and I learned how to flourish despite what goes on in my marriage. My marriage crisis experience does not define me."

    -Client Feedback
  • "I feel very blessed to have Gigi as a coach because of her kindness with my unorganized forgetfulness. She takes notes and reminds me of what I said in previous sessions. She challenges me continually to find an alternative or more options for taking responsibility for what I can do and consider all my options."

    -Client Feedback
  • "A part of my healing journey is finding pockets of rest. My times of coaching with Gigi is one of those safe pockets of rest for me! I always feel physically lighter after we have our coaching sessions!"

    -Client Feedback
  • "Coaching is invaluable. I honestly knew it was beneficial but now I have been meeting with Gigi for two months and these sessions have far exceeded my expectations. God is using them to give me a new love for life and hope for my marriage where there was hopelessness. I thank God that I stumbled on this site months ago!"

    -Client Feedback
  • "The life coaching experience in my life has been transformative! When I started the walk I had no idea how simple questions, self-assessments, focused on concrete goals of what I wanted to change in me, could lead me to take new actions and change my personal professional life! I embarked on a quest for authenticity in my relationships, which led me to have incredible experiences!"

    -Client Feedback
  • "The accountability that coaching gave me helped me focus on my healing journey, which gave me the confidence boost I needed in myself. Although I wanted my marriage to last and thrive it helped me build confidence that whatever happens I needed to be healthy and healed. It helped me remember that my voice matters!"

    -Client Feedback
  • "I loved the prayer before our coaching sessions started because it helped me focus and let go of what was on my mind so I could get the most out of each session. Some days it was so hard to get on the call because I felt so sad had no idea what to talk about. After the prayer I would always know what to work on and we would explore from there. After the call I always felt a peace because God worked through Gigi to reveal exactly what I needed to hear and work on to continue my healing."

    -Client Feedback
  • "I am so grateful to Gigi for her tender heart in the way she coaches. She was able to listen to and then help guide me toward goals that would be helpful for me to work on. At times I wasn’t even sure what I was trying to express or what I needed to do but through her expertise in asking intentional questions she help me come to my own ideas about the problem and possible solutions. We worked on my goal setting that seemed daunting to me at times, but she helped me see how I could turn them into “wins” by the next time we met. I loved how she allowed time for us to celebrate my wins at the beginning of our sessions."

    -Client Feedback

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