Lifter of My Head Coaching

​Gigi Hopkins, ACC, CPC​

Lifter of My Head Coaching

PCC - Professional Certified Coach with ICF
CPC - Certified Partner Coach with APSATS
Be Broken Ministries Wives Care Director
Gigi Hopkins

More about my story...

2010 was a turning point in my life. Returning to the US after serving as missionaries in Africa and South America for 12 years, we were given a new start.

It was a time of pruning, along with self and marriage care. We benefited from counseling, support groups, and intensives. Be Broken Ministries has played a major role in our journey while in the field and during our new start in the US.

By God’s grace Tyler and I are in our third decade of marriage. We continue to grow as our love for each other matures. We have three lovely daughters, a cool son in law, three treasured grandkids and a growing tribe of friends and family in San Antonio, Texas. We are so grateful.

Today my ministry calling has been redirected from overseas missions to serving women who have suffered trauma in their marriage due to sexual brokenness. I am humbled and grateful to lead the Wives Care Community at Be Broken Ministries. We run online groups for Christian wives from around the world.

One day a week I dedicate to coaching women one on one. It is an incredible privilege to see ladies rediscover themselves and their purpose in this space.

God works in mysterious ways. He lifts our heads, strengthens the weary and increases the power of the weak. He doesn’t waste pain. His redemption is amazing. I love serving under His leadership.
God was good to me when He brought us together in high school decades ago. Our strengths and weaknesses serve to purify us and make our covenant more beautiful. Our struggles have taught us to love on a deeper level. The Lord has lifted our heads. Thank you for persevering. Your devotion to our family is felt by all. Enduring love is the legacy you are passing down.


If coaching with me interests you...

I'll be happy to listen to what's in your heart and answer questions that you may have about life coaching.
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