Lifter of My Head Coaching

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30 Min Free Consult

This is a free opportunity for those interested in checking out life coaching. 

It is a good way for us to meet and and get your questions answered. 

There will be no pressure for you to become a coaching client. 

The decision of what to do belongs to you alone... always. 

Schedule Here

60 min Consult

This hour will be for you to bring up whatever you want to talk about. 

It can be your fist time talking about what you are going through or a maintenance session after doing a coaching package. 

The fee is $50. Once you schedule I will send you a PayPal request. 

If the times available do not work for you please email me. 

Schedule Here

Coaching Packages

Coach Gigi and client agree to work together for a period of time through a number of sessions. 

6-8 sessions is recommended. 

Value: Varies according to number of sessions, one time or monthly payment option. 

Payment done through PayPal where you may use the bank card of your choice. 

Enter the value of 65, 100 or package amount

Pay Here

First things first... Let's meet! 

If we haven't talked before I recommend this. 

This way we can get to know each other, answer questions you may have and give us a chance to experience what it would be like to work together in a coaching relationship. It's is free of charge.


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Note: If you believe life coaching is what you need but have financial limitations, please send me an email sharing your situation. There are partial scholarships and I will be happy to work with you whenever possible. 

My email address is: 

[email protected]