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In life we experience some tough stuff. Over a decade ago, I faced a long season of dark valley due to a marriage crisis. The emotional toll it took on me demanded that I take extraordinary measures to care well for my heart, body and spirit.

In the early years, I needed extra time for prayer and Word input. God used healthy wise people to listen to me and give helpful feedback. Pure Sex Radio podcasts instructed me on what I was facing. All of this combined, allowed me to show up strengthened when the time came for my marriage to be restored.

In the restoration phase, we received help individually and as a couple… counseling, support groups, intensives, godly friendships and more. Be Broken Ministries has played a part of this journey, initially through the podcasts and later through in person support.

Tyler and I are in our third decade of marriage. Yay! Our relationship is deeper and sweeter today as we continue to grow. Our daughters live nearby. We enjoy frequent family gatherings and new little ones being added to our number. We’ve had much to celebrate in recent years.

Today my ministry calling has been re-purposed from overseas missions to serving women who have suffered trauma in their marriage due to sexual brokenness. I am humbled and grateful to lead the Wives Care at Be Broken Ministries. We run online groups for women all over the world. I’ve become a certified life coach and coach ladies 1:1.

Honestly, I didn’t see any of this coming. God has surprised me over and over with the unfolding of His plans. He has lifted my head. His redemption is amazing.

It is comforting to know that no matter the storm we face in life, God is able to work it all out to mature us (James 1:2-4). The result is resilience and post traumatic growth. He doesn’t waste anything! This truth energizes me as I interact with the precious hurting hearts He sends my way. It’s an honor to share the wisdom and hope I have received in my time of need.

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God was good to me when He put us together decades ago. Our strengths and weaknesses serve to purify us and make our covenant more beautiful. Even though the ministry calling I received got started as we tackled an area of weakness for you, your life goes far beyond this! Watching you has given me a new appreciation for the hard work it takes to break free from damaging strongholds. Thank you for persevering. The Lord has lifted your head too. Your devotion to our family is felt by all of us. We admire you more than ever. Enduring love is the legacy you are passing down.



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